Home and Contents

Need proper cover for your home and contents?

Trying to find quality home and contents insurance that covers you when you need it?

We at Aweso Insurance are able to assist with this problem.

How we help?

  • We can get your home and contents insured for you, including all your contents away from home.
  • Any potential claims will be looked after by us with a simple phone call.
  • Payment can be sorted either up front or monthly payments.
  • We work for you, not the insurer and thus we get quotes from many insurers that offer quality products and actually pay claims when they are supposed to.

How much cover do you need?

  • Buildings

It is important to remember that you are insuring the rebuilding costs of the building and this has nothing to do with how much the place is worth or how much you purchased or can sell it for.

With current increased costs of materials and labour, it is imperative to be covered to the right level. Also the additional costs involved such as removal of debris (getting rid of existing materials such as after a fire), professional fees for redesign, bringing the structure up to current legislative code among many other factors that come into rebuilding a home.

A tool we often use is here through Core Logic who give a good indication of rebuild costs based on the location, size and details of your home.

  • Contents

It is important to understand that the value of contents cover is to relace the item\s now, this has nothing to do with what you might have paid for the item (on special as an example).

When looking at what totals you might come up with, we suggest to think through the house, often starting with the smaller things, such as replacing all the clothes and shoes and handbags, what is in the linin cupboard, what is in the kitchen, what is in the laundry? To replace all of this at once, this adds up very quickly. This is before you start adding up all the furniture, electronics, white goods etc. And lets not forget what is in the shed!

We often use this tool, to get an idea based on location and level of items.

Important Information…

Key points that we endeavour to get covered under the home contents policy we provide that are not on a lot of policies are:

Accidental Damage to all contents and building insured
• Cover for your contents whilst away from your home
• Contents covered individually up to $10,000 without being individually listed on policy
• Up to 25% value of contents cover for jewellery and watches
• Burning out of an electric motor under 20 years old (such as fridge, washing machine etc)
• Alternative accommodation expenses if home is unable to be lived in
• Legal costs to discharge your mortgage in a total loss
• Modifications to building if you are injured as a result of damage to your building
• Removal of debris and demolishing costs
• Architects, survey and engineer expenses in respect of reinstatement of building
• Locks and Keys
• Rainwater tanks, solar panels, hot water systems
• Loss of food in case of freezer or refrigerator breaking down
• Identity theft
• Goods kept in commercial storage facilities in Australia
• Personal Tax Audit expenses
• Cover for accidents with pets such as cats and dogs
Broker to look after any claims

Further questions or queries?

  • Contact us on the following:
    • Office: 07 3048 8890
    • email: mail@awesoinsurance.com.au
      • you can send your existing policy schedule to us with any claims details and this will give us a good head start on seeking alternative quotes for you.
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